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Efficient & Affordable blogger outreach Services for Seo Agencies & Marketers

With our network of experienced bloggers, We provide access to over 1000+ websites with relevant, niche sites that are ideal for any client. We work tirelessly to ensure we achieve editorial links and brand mentions that will help to boost your website rankings. In addition, We ensure that each and every website is handpicked and that they have a minimum of MOZ DA20+Majestic TF 10+, and SEMRush Traffic Rating of 100+.

Packages and Pricing



per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 20+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 10+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 100+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$75 Each

25+ Placements

$70 Each

50+ Placements

$65 Each

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per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 30+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 15+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 250+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$105 Each

25+ Placements

$100 Each

50+ Placements

$95 Each

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per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 40+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 20+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 500+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$170 Each

25+ Placements

$165 Each

50+ Placements

$160 Each

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per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 50+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 25+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 1000+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$250 Each

25+ Placements

$240 Each

50+ Placements

$230 Each

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Leading Benefits of Blogger Outreach Service:-

1:Surplus Time

Blogger outreach campaigns involve a number of tedious, time-consuming processes. From the beginning, you’ve to identify a list of influential bloggers in your industry. You also have to cultivate their contacts and decide how best to approach them. Next, you have to email them, wait for their responses, write content, and the list goes on... You may not have the time to do all of these. After all, you’re still battling with your everyday business schedules, family, and other personal challenges. Imagine… What if some PR expert will help you with the blogger outreach services, so you can have surplus time to take good care of your other business challenges? Well, we’re the PR experts. We’ll run your entire outreach campaign. Go and enjoy your surplus time!

2: Torrent of Traffic

Investing in digital marketing services and a host of many blogger outreach services is one thing. Succeeding in the campaigns is another. With too many outreach companies and agencies online, how do you know which one to trust? Simple: Choose the one(s) that guarantee results. At OutreachXpert, a torrent of traffic is the one metric that matters to us, to what we do, to our success as a marketing company. We only invest our time and efforts on upcoming stratgies that generate a huge volume of traffic to your website.

3: Flood of Leads

For us — and for you — traffic alone doesn’t matter. If that traffic doesn’t translate into leads and ultimately to closing a sale, then the job isn’t done yet. That’s why our guest blog outreach service guarantees are focused at scoring you laser targeted leads that will build your business.

4: Become a Thought Leader

Once we connect you with top bloggers and editors at high-end publications like Forbes, The Guardian, and Inc., we know that the sky is your limit. Far from getting more links, ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and increasing your income, you’ll get noticed on the World Wide Web. Suddenly, more online users will notice you, visit your site, and begin to see you as a go-to person in the industry. Even better, bigger companies will also notice you and would like to interview you on their platforms, giving you more PR boost, turning you into a thought leader in your space.

Order Blogger Outreach ServicesThat Actually Work:-

In the pre-dotcom boom, what we knew about marketing was traditional advertisements, the likes of billboard, Television, and newspaper ads. You’ve got to have a fat marketing budget to advertise on any of those mediums.
In today’s post-dotcom era powered by the Internet, the story has changed. Billboard, TV, and newspaper ads have now become old and archaic and less effective, fading into obscurity, giving way to new sets of commercials on the World Wide Web.
Instead of spending thousands of dollars to buy space in print magazines, digital marketing agencies help promote your business online — through a number of digital marketing campaigns: Content marketing, blogger outreach, guest posting, and link building marketing campaigns.
We want to make blogger outreach plan work wonders for you. With our experience, expertise, and connection with top A-list bloggers across dozens of niches and industries, our guest blog outreach service guarantees quick results. From writing the pitches to sending the emails, we connect you with top bloggers in your industry in a simple and seamless fashion.
One of the easiest ways to generate leads and convert them to paying customers is when you let bloggers do the talking for you. We have a network of influential bloggers and you can get the benefit of our blogger outreach services in USA and UK. You tell us what your message is, we put it in their hands, they do their thing and you reap your profits.

How Does Our Blog Outreach Service Work:-

Here’s how we build your business with our four-step stratgey of Blogging outreach services:

1: Identify top bloggers in your industry

Our team of expert PRs and content marketers start by walking you through — by helping you identify top bloggers in your industry. Those that matter to your niche and your business.

2: Pitch on your behalf

Once the A-list bloggers in your industry are identified, the PR team will get to work: Write, pitch, and send emails on your behalf.

3: Follow-ups

Sending emails is not the end. It’s just the beginning. Our team of outreach experts will keep reminding the busy bloggers and editors at top media houses…until they get a positive response.

4: Link placement

For us, the positive response is not just a “yes” from the editor. Our army of PR experts won’t settle. They won’t relent. Until they secure you awesome links from authority sites in your niche.

Why Choose Us:-

Because we know how to grow your business—and geneate related traffic for your brand. We can do that because we have in-house, US and UK PR experts who have mastered the art of link building and blogger outreach marketing campaign to the core. Think of us as your personal SEO consultant who will never let you down!

Who are we:-

Work-at-home moms, freelancers, and online startups are passionate about changing our world. But to actually build their baby startups into companies—so they can influence our world for the better—requires huge capital, marketing efforts,and budgets. You can’t grow your digital company, as an Internet e-commerce trader, a blogger, or consultant if you don’t have a viable marketing strategy that will put your product in front of your customers, promotes your brand to the world. Enter us! We’re OutreachXpert, a reputable blogger outreach agency based in UK. Our agency is powered by our passion for marketing, driven by our enthusiasm for helping you achieve tremendous business growth. Run by native English speakers and professional digital marketers, we deliver premium blogger outreach services, guest posting services, and a host of many online marketing services to our global customers at unbeatable prices.

How The Process of Outreach Works:-

This article seeks to simplify the complexity that is always associated with the blogger outreach process. Here are the five major ingredients that OutreachXpert uses.

The Process of Blogger Outreach Service:-

Preparation Process

The process will officially start the moment you have sent in your order. We will get the cogs running, and your process will start immediately.

The Creation of Content

After the order has been sent, our writers will get to their creative gears and start the writing job. They will brainstorm the topics that will work best for the blogger outreach campaign that you have.


After the content has been created, the next process would be outreach. We will be in a position of locating the ideas that are only customized for your campaign. Besides that, we will also keep in touch with our inventory to check if there are already established rapports that are within your niche area.

Publishers' Process

In this process, selected publishers are informed that there is a placement that is supposed to be carried out. The first step in this step is to establish the communication before the placement is secured.


One thing that has always made a process of this kind much easier and quicker for our clients is the dashboard that we use. The dashboard has made it easier and faster to organize orders, invoices, payments and other details of that kind. Once the order has been done, it will then be delivered to you through email as well as being displayed on the dashboard of your account.

Other Related Details:-

What is DA?

DA {from a scale of 0-100} developed by MOZ is an abbreviation for Domain Authority and refers to a score that is assigned to a web URL. The calculation of the score is done by assessing a myriad of other metrics before forming a general score. It is therefore regarded as an average accurately assessment of the overall authority of a domain.

What is TF?

TF {from a scale of 0-100} is an abbreviation of Trust Flow, and it is a score assigned to a URL. It is developed by Majestic and is usually calculated by assessing the level of trust-worthy the links are pointing towards the URL that has been given.

Definition of Blogger Outreach:-

Blogger outreach is a normal procedure that has a myriad of steps. One of the major ingredients is the creation of a strong rapport usually done by professional bloggers. The outcome will result in an influential mention of the brand that has been ordered. All these will be in a natural format. This is one of the marketing strategies that is commonly used by various marketing agencies, website owners, and other brands. The process comes with a number of benefits; from the link mention's acquisition to creating brand awareness.

No Hidden Fees:-

We tend to do something that you will not find with other blogger outreach services. We offer genuine prices with no hidden fees. We are committed to ensuring that our customers just pay for what they are able to see. The main method of payment that we accept is PayPal. However, the service is still open to those who might want to use a bank transfer. All they will have to do is to send over a message so that we can send them the details.

Link Guarantee:-

There is a 180 days guarantee for secured mentions.


We are in a position of accommodating a number of niches. However for anyone who is searching for an adult or casino-related placement, then you should have your custom package from us.

1: What exactly is blogger outreach?

This is one of the marketing strategies that is commonly used by various marketing agencies, website owners, and other brands. The process comes with a number of benefits; from the link mention's acquisition to creating brand awareness. The massive following that these influencers have will help you reach many potential clients. It is cheap and efficient in drawing in numbers.

2: What does the service entail?

When you reach out to us, our first step is to analyze what services or products do you want to put out there. What services or products do you want to put out there. We agree on the key subjects, links and target market and then create content that is creative and matches your requirements. We then reach out to industry-specific bloggers who then publish your content.

3: Who are your writers?

We have an incredible team of native writers. They have experience and will always come up with content that is both informative and creative. The brainstorming process is as important to us as the writing process. Our writers are experienced and will use the right tone, style, and language to match your campaign. We change our writing techniques to suit the demographics o your niche.

4: Which niches do you cover?

We cover almost all niches including subject areas that other will normally refrain from. Whether you are in fashion, cooking, pets, education, art you name it. We have publishers for almost all the niches. Our outreach blogging does not cover adult themes and gambling casino, drugs , Payday loans.

5: How do I pay?

To make it ultra convenient for our customers we accept various payment methods. Use your credit card or debit cards .you can also make a direct deposit to our bank account or pay via PayPal. Bank account and other payment details are available on the order from.

6: What next after I pay?

The process kicks off immediately you pay. Our writers come up with content you require, send to publishers and mail you an activity report.

7: Do you offer guarantees?

We offer guarantees. Our secured link service comes with a 6-month guarantee. We also have agreements with publishers that ensure your links remain on their sites permanently. In the six month period we will make up for lost time if any of your content were to be unavailable.

8: What is your service refund policy like?

You can cancel before the service kicks off. But unfortunately once we start writing and reaching out to publishers, you will not be refunded if you were to cancel with us.

9: Do I have a say on who writes my content?

Yes you can select which writer you would like to write for you. We show you samples and you choose the one you feel identifies most with your product and service and is able to deliver your expectations.

10: Do I get to see the content before it's published?

We will send you a draft once it's done to ensure you approve before we publish. You will also receive a link to where your content is published.

11: How do you place links?

Our links are placed as naturally as possible. We don't just throw keywords around but we give it an authentic flow. You choose between plain links and text based links. We also include other links and sources to increase your SEO ranking.