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Affordable Guest Posting Services for Small and Medium Online Businesses

Having been in the Internet marketing industry for almost a decade, we build connection with thousands of bloggers, influencers, and top media publications. That means, when you order our guest post services, you’ll get the placements and the link juices you deserve. We’re confident in our guest blogging service because our team of talented native writers knows the ins and outs of guest posts and other SEO services. Just let’s know your preferred website or blog or DA. And we’ll surely publish you on it.

Packages and Pricing



per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 20+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 10+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 100+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$75 Each

25+ Placements

$70 Each

50+ Placements

$65 Each

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per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 30+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 15+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 250+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$105 Each

25+ Placements

$100 Each

50+ Placements

$95 Each

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per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 40+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 20+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 500+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$170 Each

25+ Placements

$165 Each

50+ Placements

$160 Each

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per placement

Genuine Outreach

DA Guaranteed 50+ Websites

Average Trust Flow 25+

Avg SEMRush Traffic 1000+

1 Target Domain / Anchor Text

500 Word Article Included

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement

$250 Each

25+ Placements

$240 Each

50+ Placements

$230 Each

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Get featured on top DA sites at an unbeatable price:-

We provide epic guest posting service small to medium-sized businesses—just like yours—need to grow. Having been in the Internet marketing industry for close to a decade, we are proud to say that we have mastered in the digital marketing world. At the beginning of our journey, we started by experimenting with our business. We published quite a number of guest posts on authoritative blogs in our niche, secured some awesome backlinks, and ranked for a number of our favorite keywords. The result motivated us to scale our business—to help your clients succeed. OutreachXperts exists to help you through on the intricacies of guest posting in particular and the complexities of SEO in general.

OutreachXpert’s Unique Guest Blogging Service:-

The art of publishing blog posts on popular blogs, which is popularly known as a guest post. For years, bloggers have used the strategy to generate massive traffic, leads, and close several deals that increase their revenue.
However, today, the get-rich-quick marketers have tainted guest blogging with black hat link building tricks. You don’t want to buy guest posts that will get you in trouble with Google. You want to buy guest posts that Google loves…unique guest blogging services that adds value to the reader. OutreachXpert provides just that. Our guest post submission service is unique for three reasons:
First, our content rocks. We write super valuable posts that pack tons of data, case studies, and visual assets that inform and excite readers. These are the kinds of posts that top editors love.
Second, our guest posts are linkable. Our expert writers craft linkable posts (in-depth guides, list posts, and infographic content). We also include data, case studies, and visual assets in the posts to make them more appealing to our readers and search engines.
Third, our process is simple. Simply, tap the Services menu at the top right-hand corner of our site. In the drop down menu click the gust posting option finaly click the Order Now Button. We’ll take care of the rest, and immediately begin the service on your behalf.

Order Our High-Quality guest blog posting services Today:-

The whole idea about blog marketing in general and guest blog outreach in particular shouldn’t have to be complex. SEO guest post blogging service should not only be a simple thing to do, it should also be result-oriented. So, when you order, you’ll stand to benefit from the following:

  1. Creative content creators
  2. Compelling US/UK copywriters that know what editors want
  3. 10-years experience in the digital and content marketing industry
  4. Friendly connection with hundreds of publications, editors, and A-list bloggers
  5. Friendly rapport with industry influencers and thought leaders
  6. A vast list of media publications and blogs from multiple industries and niche markets
  7. Fast turn-around time
  8. Obsession for quality
  9. Cost-effective guest posting service
  10. Clear communication and professionalism

How Our High Quality Guest Post Service Work:-

Step 1: Find A-list blogs

The path to writing guest post submission service starts by finding A-list blogs (super credible and authoritative websites and blogs in your industry). To make the entire SEO guest post process work wonders for you, we select only the best of the best blogs that are relevant to your niche…the ones that will work perfectly for your digital brand in terms of link building and guest posting campaign.

Step 2: Pitch blog idea

The next line of work, after identifying relevant blogs in your niche, is the pitching of blog post idea to the editors at the A-list blogs. Here, we’re not writing the article; we’re simply outlining the points to be included in the article. Editors love that, and we’re good at adhering to their rules, delivering the best guest posting service for you. .

Step 3: Write the content

Once we get a “yes” from the blogger—and we get plenty of that—we’ll then move to the next important step in our service: Writing the guest post. Now our content creators will get dirty to research and write original, quality posts that bond well with the publication’s readers, achieve better results for your overall blog marketing campaign.

Step 4: Get awesome links

Finally, we’ll send the article to the editor. We almost always get a “yes” from the editors (we’ve a 96% response rate, by the way). And that’s because we write stellar content that bonds on an emotional level with readers. You always get awesome links when you order our guest blog service.

The benefit you will get from our Guest Posting Services:-

Capital and a team of talent are not enough. To thrive and succeed online, you need to be visible to your prospective customers. You need exposure. That’s where we come in! Through our blog post campaigns service, we feature your brand on top online magazines—where your millions of prospective customers can see you, and do business with you. Buy guest posts and get the exposure you deserve!


People are picky at visiting and consuming content online, not to talk of subscribing to an offer or buying a product from an unknown e-commerce store. Only the credible ones get the attention they deserve. What our guest blog outreach service will do for your personal branding is two-fold: (a) make you a thought leader by publishing epic posts on your behalf and (b) featuring you on world-class digital media that gets you more publicity. These two things will only happen when you try our premium guest post.


The primary objectives of our guest posting service are to promote your brand, make you look good in your industry. We don’t intend to sell your product with our just services. However, as we grow your brand reputation—by publishing you on sites like Forbes and CNN—your brand image and status definitely change. As you become a go-to resource in your market, your prospects will admire you, buy your products, and ask their peers to do the same.

Why Choose Us:-

1: High quality guest post service

Original, data-driven posts that are relevant to your niche and useful for the blogger. Professional and inspiring content that editors would love to publish!

2: In-content links

High-quality links are the secrets to our guest blog outreach and blog marketing campaign. You’ll get real, contextual, white hat links from authoritative websites in your niche. No more black SEO tricks!

3: World-class websites

We only work with credible sites. No PBN sites, link wheels, shady blog commenting and other marketing schemes. We only work with real, quality media publications.

4: You approve everything

You approve the sites. You approve the topic. And you approve the content before it gets published. Everything is done plainly and with your approval.

5: You get permanent links

You have nothing to worry when you buy our service. We handle everything. We write the content; we pitch the content; we do the outreach, and we secure the links. You get permanent links—stress-free.

Q1: How does your guest posting work?

You choose the blog you want to publish on. You also approve the content before it gets published. We’ll then write the content on your behalf, do the outreach, and secure the links for you. It’s that simple.

Q2: Can I suggest a topic for a post?

Yes, you can. If you’re not sure of the topic, we’ll suggest it for you. You are in total control of the entire process. Everything is done your way.

Q3: I’m a writer. Can I write my own post?

Yes, you can write your post. However, our team of experienced writers and editors will go through it and make sure your article adheres to editorial guidelines of your chosen publications. If we make any changes to the article, we’ll send it over to you for your approval before we finally submit it for publication. That’s how our blog services work.

Q4: What publications do you have access to?

We have access to, and connection with, over a hundred bloggers, editors, and publications. Click this link to view a list of our websites and publications.

Q5: How will I know if my post is published?

Once your guest post is live, one of our staff will notify you via email—with a link to your live post.

Q6: What if my link(s) are not secured?

We have a refund policy for uncompleted/unsuccessful projects. In other words, in case we are unable to secure you a link on your chosen publication, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked!

Q7: How much does a link cost?

That depends on a number of factors: The blog or publication’s popularity, a site’s Domain Authority (DA), link type (whether it’s dofollow or nofollow), and the link feature (whether it’s a backlink or brand mention). You can read more about our pricing here.