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1: What exactly is blogger outreach?

There are various steps involved in the Blogger Outreach process. The overall process is aimed at creating a rapport with bloggers that are influential in various industries. This is one of the key parts of blogger outreach, and it leads to your brand being mentioned naturally by someone with authority and influence within your industry. Many website owners swear by this strategy, as it offers so many benefits. This includes vital benefits such as creating brand awareness and the acquisition of link mentions.

2: What does the service entail?

When you reach out to us, our first step is to understand what it is you want done. What services or products do you want to put out there. We agree on the key subjects, links and target market and then create content that is creative and matches your requirements. We then reach out to industry-specific bloggers who then publish your content.

3: Who are your writers?

We have an incredible team of native writers. They have experience and will always come up with content that is both informative and creative. The brainstorming process is as important to us as the writing process. Our writers are experienced and will use the right tone, style, and language to match your campaign. We change our writing techniques to suit the demographics o your niche.

4: Which niches do you cover?

We cover almost all niches including subject areas that other will normally refrain from. Whether you are in fashion, cooking, pets, education, art you name it. We have publishers for almost all the niches. Our outreach blogging does not cover adult themes and gambling casino, drugs , Payday loans.

5: How do I pay?

To make it ultra convenient for our customers we accept various payment methods. Use your credit card or debit cards .you can also make a direct deposit to our bank account or pay via PayPal. Bank account and other payment details are available on the order from.

6: What next after I pay?

The process kicks off immediately you pay. Our writers come up with content you require, send to publishers and mail you an activity report.

7: Do you offer guarantees?

We offer guarantees. Our secured link service comes with a 6-month guarantee. We also have agreements with publishers that ensure your links remain on their sites permanently. In the six month period we will make up for lost time if any of your content were to be unavailable.

8: What is your service refund policy like?

You can cancel before the service kicks off. But unfortunately once we start writing and reaching out to publishers, you will not be refunded if you were to cancel with us.

9: Do I have a say on who writes my content?

Yes you can select which writer you would like to write for you. We show you samples and you choose the one you feel identifies most with your product and service and is able to deliver your expectations.

10: Do I get to see the content before it's published?

We will send you a draft once it's done to ensure you approve before we publish. You will also receive a link to where your content is published.

11: How do you place links?

Our links are placed as naturally as possible. We don't just throw keywords around but we give it an authentic flow. You choose between plain links and text based links. We also include other links and sources to increase your SEO ranking.

12: Are you related to any other famous agency?

The name Outreachxpert does not refer to a famous rapper, celebrity, or in fact any person or company with that name. When you use this service, you are assured of a totally unique experience provided by experienced professionals with the expertise to ensure there is no risk of links being duplicated.

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