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Over the years, we have built a solid network of journalists and press people in almost every niche under the sun. No matter your industry or niche, we will provide a press release distribution service which will meet your needs at a decent price. From editorial links to brand mentions on authority publications, we will put your business in the eyes of millions of readers on our network of sites and news.

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Our Service is designed to make sure that your brand gets all the media exposure and the online visibility it deserves. All the necessary features that credible marketing agencies ought to provide—excellent writing, engaging and thought-provoking stories, crystal clear message—are contained in our remarkable service. And our best press release distribution services are integrated with highly authoritative media and credible online publications. No gimmicks. No non-sense media outlets. No PBN sites that serve black hat marketing tricks. That means you’ll get a whole new level of security and opportunity to grow beyond expectation.

How to Choose Quality Press Release Distribution Service?

Choosing quality distribution service is an integral part of your business. It determines your brand exposure, your customer reach, and your overall business growth. Choose the best press release distribution company, and you will see tremendous results in your business. Choose the bad ones and notice how your traffic, leads, and ROI will plummet like magic. You must be very careful! When making the decision on how to select the right distributor that will take your brand to the next level. That means before you select any service, you have to take your time to do the needful: Review the different service providers and be conscious of the specific services they offer. Here’s how to choose the press release writing service that will boost your brand and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Brand engagement

The press release outlets you choose will help you not only to promote your brand but make it likable in your market place. The one thing that every press release distribution channel should incorporate in their service offering is this: To have social media tools embedded in their pages so that your press release can be shared online, get seen and reads by your audience of fans, and generate leads. Credible press release distribution company offer businesses, just like yours, the opportunity to engage with their audience through industry-specific social media feeds. Select the ones that offer these services!

Earned media feature

As you probably know your audience and customers trust earned media much more than paid media. Your ideal buyer may likely order your services if they see your business featured on Forbes than if they don’t. So before you enter a business contract with them.

  1. Make sure that they have a good and long-term partnership with big media publications.
  2. Ensure they have a wide reach and previous work experience
  3. Only trust that outlets that have the ability to manually reach out to your ideal influencers.

It’s not only about distributing your news release. It’s about generating massive results for your business.

Online visibility

You also want to consider choosing the seo press release distribution services in 2019 that will maximize your online visibility. The goal of every press release is to promote your brand online so that your business will feature in online news site and media publications. That gives your business some class, credibility, and exposure. Because…as many as your audience can see you and find you and engage with your brand. That is why it makes sense to partner with the best press release outlet to maximize these opportunities.

High Search engine authority

About 85 percent of consumers conduct research online—about a specific product they intend to buy—before they open up their wallet to buy, according to a study by Synchrony Financial. Your SEO press release then must factor into this. That’s why you must look for channels that can guarantee you high search engine visibility. Your SEO press release distribution service should not only dispense your press release to a specific media outlet. It should be able to increase your online visibility through search engine so as to reach your target market—organically.

What You Can Get from a Successful Press Release Campaign

Customer engagement

You may have a great product, a remarkable brand with an incredible story-line, and an army of an audience that is in dire need of your product. You may have all these valuable assets, but lack one critical thing: Customer engagement. How do you engage with your buyers? A good press release distribution company can help nail this critical feature for you. They do that by tailoring your message to your audience, pitch your newsworthy story the right way at the right place, and inspire your customers to take action.

Brand awareness

How do you expose your brand to the world? How do you take your product and put it in front of your customer? Because that is crucial for winning in your marketplace. You may have a beautiful logo and landing page and highly optimized site. But if you’re not investing in brand awareness, none of these will matter. A good press release will expose your brand to your marketplace. It does that by sharing your company news to the world, helping your market to know you and do business with you.


Good press release generates results. A startup that promotes its brand through a press release campaign grows faster and sales more than a startup that doesn’t. A recent case study by a popular digital marketing agency reveals that a brand’s content distribution results through PR News wire lead to increased revenue, brand awareness and 260 percent more website traffic delivery than all other paid marketing sources combined, including PPC, digital and other advertising revenues.

Three Reasons to Trust Press Release

Broadcast a new product or service

At the core of any press release is the benefit of broadcasting your company’s news. Whether you invent newer products or remodeled older services, if you want to announce the information to your target market, a good press release campaign will help you achieve that.

Worldwide distribution in real time

You may want to distribute news about your e-commerce adventure. Maybe you have scaled up and are looking to partner with e-commerce giants in your industry. With a good press release plus the help of a credible service, you can distribute that story—worldwide and in real time.

Boost brand image

One of the reasons why you should trust a press release campaign and work with the best press release distribution service is because it boosts your brand image. Simply having your website, business name, or product featured on top media sites like CNN or Business Insider…that will add more color to your brand identity plus it will give your brand image some boost.

Achieve Your Communication Goal with Outreachxpert

We’re dedicated to helping you, yes you, to win big in your marketing campaign. Got press release you want to share? Our in-house native writers from the US, UK, and Australia will carry you along. At OutreachXpert, we understand the value of words, the power of clarity. Tell us the news you want to convey, and we’ll help you convey that in concise, clear terms. Again, we don’t compromise quality and all the perks that will keep readers to the page. A compelling write up is what you’ll get. You’ll also get to work with the best of the best when it comes to digital marketing and press release writing service. In other words, your press release will be handled—professionally by us. And great results will follow…in no time.

Who can use your press release service?

Businesses or individuals looking to make an announcement or create a buzz about a new product or service are welcome to use our press release service.

How does it work?

After reaching us and subscribing for a package, we draft a press release or use yours if you have already written one. Next we wire the release to target publications that are relevant to your niche and target audience.

Which regions can I reach with this press release?

We can get your message out there in the US, UK and Asia. We are constantly updating our reach and making more contacts. Contact us if you have any specific region in mind.

Do you guarantee placement on certain specific publications?

We do not guarantee that you will be published on specific publications. However, we guarantee that your press release will be wired to the appropriate editorials. These journalists will then decide whether to publish you or not depending on how newsworthy your story is.

What if I want to be on certain specific publication?

Contact us. Tell us the publications that are of interest to you and we will land you there if we have contact with the publishers.

How much does your press release package cost?

Price varies based on target audience, number of releases and urgency. Contact us for your custom price.

Can I pay after delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not offer that perk at this time for a lot of reasons. However, when we build a solid business relationship with you, we will be more flexible.

Are there any types of press releases that won’t be accepted?

Yes. We cover all industries except the ones that relate to porn, guns, racism and other things illegal.