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From 2 weeks (2nd April)
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Content Writing Service
Convert Your Reader with Compelling Content

"OutreachXpert is one of the few content writing companies that deliver what they promise,” one of our happy clients said. And that’s because we are passionate about what we do. We value the craft. We respect the people we serve.
Throughout our [X]-year experience in the digital marketing industry, we know what it feels to serve an audience with great content. We know how it feels to serve an audience with actionable articles that inform and entertain and inspire.
The exultant experience move the prospect to not only read the words to the end of the page but share your blog post, visit your site again to read some more, and, ultimately, click to order your professional content writing service—with pride.*

Quality Content is King

Every online business—a consultant, a photo journalist, a web designer, or a B2B e-commerce vendor—needs content. When you sell a product or service online, you promote them with content—blog posts, articles, email newsletter, web copies, or videos. You also use the same content to update your site, reach out to your email subscribers, or just say hi to your followers on social media.
The content runs your startup machine. That’s one of the reasons why “content,” it was said, is “king” in the online jungle. At OutreachXpert, we modify that phrase. We don’t agree that any content is king. We believe that quality content is king. To outsell your competition online, you don’t need any content. You need quality content—content that educates, contains data and statistics, and is full with visual assets.
We, at OutreachXpert, define quality content as follows: Content that educates, contains data and statistics, and is full with visual assets.The purpose of any blog post or article or landing page copy is to educate the audience—informs them, updates them, enlightens them. Not push them to buy. If the reader is satisfied with your piece of content, they’ll feel happy. And that will motivate them to visit your site again, subscribe to your newsletter, and order your services.
In short, quality content runs the Internet show.
So…How then will you publish quality content on your blog, consistently, every day? Because that’s what you need to do if you want to build your email newsletter, rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), rake in millions in sales, and increase your ROI.
To be honest, writing quality content is not easy. This is not surprising that content production is the biggest challenge for 44% of marketers, according to a study by LookBookHQ. Your ultimate option is to work with a credible content writing company to help you out.

Work with Content Writing Agency that Masters the Craft

We are not one of those companies that want to make money from selling mediocre content to businesses around the world. We’re in this because of three reasons:
First, we love writing. Our content writing company is made up of seasoned writers, professional content creators, and guest bloggers that are passionate at what they do. When we get “dirty” into a niche, we are thrilled by the artistic nature of the craft and the story that we write. The process powers our productivity to keep going…until we come up with the finest finished product that works.
Second, we master the craft. At OutreachXpert, we are proud to say that we know the difference between a good content and a bad content. From the article headline to the opening sentence to the body… down to the conclusion of the article—we know how to research, structure, and write a story that sells. That’s why we prefer to write and submit articles for our clients when they order our guest post writing service.
Finally, we get results. We don’t just write to fill a web page. We write to inform, to educate, to entertain, to move your audience to take action—action that will elevate your content marketing efforts.
Should you want to outsource our content writing service, here are some of the writing services we offer:

  • Blog post writing service
  • Article writing service
  • Guest posting service
  • Ghost writing service
  • Web content writing service
  • Email writing service
  • Landing page copywriting service
  • Press release writing service
  • eBook writing service

Whatever content writing projectyou may have, feel free to tell us your specific requirements. Our team of expert writers will write a custom-made content—specifically tailored to your needs, in a timely manner.

We Write Words That Work…

It’s not about word count. Our content writing was built on one core value:
Converting our client’s prospects into paying customers.
That’s why we begin every writing project with the end goal in mind. We always try to ask our clients more about their audience so that we can write epic posts that resonate well with readers. Our original content converts your prospects. And more importantly, when you order any of our content writing service, you’re certain of this:
You won’t find anything like it on the web!

…Want emotional stories that will inspire your prospects to buy?

Order our content writing service today!

How It works

How The Process of Outreach Works

This article seeks to simplify the complexity that is always associated with the blogger outreach process. Here are the five major ingredients that iNet Ventures uses.

The Process of Blogger Outreach Service

Preparation Process

The process will officially start the moment you have sent in your order. We will get the cogs running, and your process will start immediately.

The Creation of Content

After the order has been sent, our writers will get to their creative gears and start the writing job. They will brainstorm the topics that will work best for the blogger outreach campaign that you have.


After the content has been created, the next process would be outreach. We will be in a position of locating the ideas that are only customized for your campaign. Besides that, we will also keep in touch with our inventory to check if there are already established rapports that are within your niche area.

Publishers' Process

In this process, selected publishers are informed that there is a placement that is supposed to be carried out. The first step in this step is to establish the communication before the placement is secured.


One thing that has always made a process of this kind much easier and quicker for our clients is the dashboard that we use. The dashboard has made it easier and faster to organize orders, invoices, payments and other details of that kind. Once the order has been done, it will then be delivered to you through email as well as being displayed on the dashboard of your account.

Other Related Details

What is DA?

DA {from a scale of 0-100} developed by MOZ is an abbreviation for Domain Authority and refers to a score that is assigned to a web URL. The calculation of the score is done by assessing a myriad of other metrics before forming a general score. It is therefore regarded as an average accurately assessment of the overall authority of a domain.

What is TF?

TF {from a scale of 0-100} is an abbreviation of Trust Flow, and it is a score assigned to a URL. It is developed by Majestic and is usually calculated by assessing the level of trust-worthy the links are pointing towards the URL that has been given.

Definition of Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a normal procedure that has a myriad of steps. One of the major ingredients is the creation of a strong rapport usually done by professional bloggers. The outcome will result in an influential mention of the brand that has been ordered.

All these will be in a natural format. This is one of the marketing strategies that is commonly used by various marketing agencies, website owners, and other brands. The process comes with a number of benefits; from the link mention's acquisition to creating brand awareness.

No Hidden Fees

We tend to do something that you will not find with other blogger outreach services. We offer genuine prices with no hidden fees. We are committed to ensuring that our customers just pay for what they are able to see.
The main method of payment that we accept is PayPal. However, the service is still open to those who might want to use a bank transfer. All they will have to do is to send over a message so that we can send them the details.

Link Guarantee

There is a 180 days guarantee for secured mentions.


We are in a position of accommodating a number of niches. However for anyone who is searching for an adult or casino-related placement, then you should have your custom package from us.

1) What exactly is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is a form of social media marketing. It involves paying a social media influencer or offering them freebies to write a positive or neutral review about your product or service. The massive following that these influencers have will help you reach many potential clients. It is cheap and efficient in drawing in numbers.

2) What does the service entail?

When you reach out to us, our first step is to understand what it is you want done. What services or products do you want to put out there. We agree on the key subjects, links and target market and then create content that is creative and matches your requirements. We then reach out to industry-specific bloggers who then publish your content.

3) Who are your writers?

We have an incredible team of native writers. They have experience and will always come up with content that is both informative and creative. The brainstorming process is as important to us as the writing process. Our writers are experienced and will use the right tone, style, and language to match your campaign. We change our writing techniques to suit the demographics o your niche.

4) Which niches do you cover?

We cover almost all niches including subject areas that other will normally refrain from. Whether you are in fashion, cooking, pets, education, art you name it. We have publishers for almost all the niches. Our outreach blogging does not cover adult themes and gambling casino, drugs , Payday loans.

5) How do I pay?

To make it ultra convenient for our customers we accept various payment methods. Use your credit card or debit cards .you can also make a direct deposit to our bank account or pay via PayPal. Bank account and other payment details are available on the order from.

6) What next after I pay?

The process kicks off immediately you pay. Our writers come up with content you require, send to publishers and mail you an activity report.

7) Do you offer guarantees?

We offer guarantees. Our secured link service comes with a 6-month guarantee. We also have agreements with publishers that ensure your links remain on their sites permanently. In the six month period we will make up for lost time if any of your content were to be unavailable.

8) What is your service refund policy like?

You can cancel before the service kicks off. But unfortunately once we start writing and reaching out to publishers, you will not be refunded if you were to cancel with us.

9) Do I have a say on who writes my content?

Yes you can select which writer you would like to write for you. We show you samples and you choose the one you feel identifies most with your product and service and is able to deliver your expectations.

10) Do I get to see the content before it's published?

We will send you a draft once it's done to ensure you approve before we publish. You will also receive a link to where your content is published.

11) How do you place links?

Our links are placed as naturally as possible. We don't just throw keywords around but we give it an authentic flow. You choose between plain links and text based links. We also include other links and sources to increase your SEO ranking.