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Terms of Service

No business can run smoothly if there are no terms and conditions that the consumers commit to oblige to. The following terms and conditions are what you {as the end-user} must accept at the point of purchase.

Are the fees refundable?

All fees paid to Outreachxpert shall not be refunded at any given point of time.

Will Outreachxpert be liable if my site gets a penalty from a search engine?

Outreachxpert will not take responsibility if by any chance your service or site gets a penalty from any of the search engines. It is, therefore, your responsibility as the end-user to use your site in a responsible manner and ensure that you avoid matters of that kind.

What happens when I incur damages, will Outreachxpert takes any responsibility?

It is also very important to note that under no circumstance shall Outreachxpert, be liable to you as the end-user in case of any damages that you might have faced.

What about other direct and indirect damages?

Under no circumstance or scenario will Outreachxpert takes liability to you as the end user for any damages, either direct or indirect that might occur to your business. It will be your sole responsibility and reliability as the end user to for any potential damages that might be connected to Outreachxpert.

Will cancelled orders get a refund?

Outreachxpert has all the rights to cancel any order that does not appear ideal within its defined use of service. It is also important to note that the orders that have been cancelled will be refunded.

Does Outreachxpert give any guarantees in regards to the services it offers?

Outreachxpert in its capacity as a provider of blogger outreach services, does not commit to any guarantees whenever it is considering site and link rankings, positions of search engine as well as traffic increases.

Will Outreachxpert make changes to keyword text upon a request from a publisher?

Yes, Outreachxpert has all the rights to make various changes to keyword text should the publisher makes such as a request. However, before a request of that type is made, Outreachxpert will not undertake to make any changes.

What does TF and DA metrics refer to?

TF, DA are the metrics that are given on the order page, and they are not used in reference to the placement URL as many might think but instead refer to the website. Both of them are the abbreviations for Trust Flow {TF} and Domain Authority {DA}.

What kind of links will Outreachxpert likely to delete, and on what specified grounds?

Based on a typical nature of a website, Outreachxpert has all the rights to get rid of any links that might later appear to be of poor quality, adult content, virus related or anything that Outreachxpert shall classify as inappropriate. Any link that will fall into the category of the ones mentioned above shall be deleted.

What is the reason behind the stacking of each batch order?

The estimated order times are a reflection of each order, and that is why each batch order is typically stacked. As a result of that, the overall order time estimation is always estimated. It is not accurate.

Is the specified time scale accurate, and where is it located?

The specified time scale is not accurate but just an estimate. Regarding where it is available, the specified time scale is usually on the order page. The processing on your order might be faster or slower depending on several variables. One of these variables is the current demand for service that might be present.

Which metrics are the typical averages?

The specified TF and DA metrics, {Trust Flow and Domain Authority} metrics that are normally exhibited on the order page are the standard average. Each of the placements is not constant. They normally vary based on several factors and at times might be higher. In most cases, the placements are usually lower.

Will Outreachxpert make a refund if my links {as an end user} are removed?

As indicated earlier, there are certain instances that can prompt Outreachxpert to remove certain links from its site. The action might be as a result of low quality or contents that either contains a virus or are meant for adult consumers. In that regard, it is very imperative to note that in a particular scenario
where the links belonging to you as end-user are removed, Outreachxpert shall not make any kind of refund.
As the end user, you are therefore expected to willingly oblige to all the terms and conditions that have been stated here above. This will be done at the point of making an order.
Note that Outreachxpert has all the rights to make changes to the stated terms including the details of both service and website, at any given point.

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